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''Egguins'' Kitchen Egg Steamer Egg Storage Rack Penguin Egg Cooker

''Egguins'' Kitchen Egg Steamer Egg Storage Rack Penguin Egg Cooker

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Rediscover Delicious Eggs!

With the "Egguins" Kitchen Egg Steamer Egg Storage Rack Penguin Egg Cooker, cooking and storing your eggs will now be more enjoyable and practical. This cute penguin designed item offers you fun and convenience in the kitchen. While it cooks your eggs perfectly with smart steam technology, it also provides the opportunity to store them in the shelf compartment without taking them out.


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Perfect Cooking

Boil your eggs perfectly every time thanks to smart steam technology. Precisely control the desired egg consistency and combine the yolk of your eggs with a creamy flavor.

🐧 Cute Penguin Design

Add a cute accessory to your kitchen counter. This penguin-shaped egg cooker combines practicality and aesthetics to make your culinary experience fun.

With its simple and user-friendly design, it is a kitchen aid that can be easily used by everyone.

More Creativity

With this cute penguin, you can not only boil your eggs, but also have the opportunity to use them in different recipes. Order now to make your culinary experience more enjoyable and delicious!


    The long handle always stays cool, allowing you to insert and remove eggs from boiling water quickly and safely. There is a hole on its bottom, to drain water and dry up easily.


    Place this cute and charming egg holder into a boiling pot of water to make hard or soft boiled eggs, serve it on the table or store it in the fridge.


    Measuring 5.78 x 4.9 x 4.76 inches, this compact egg storage display rack will take up minimal space in your kitchen, fridge and on your tabletop, making it the perfect kitchen storage solution!

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