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EcoChill Hub: Portable Air Conditioning for Room, Office, and Cars

EcoChill Hub: Portable Air Conditioning for Room, Office, and Cars

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air conditioner air cooler fan

Versatile Device

It combines the functions of air cooler, humidifier and fan under one unit. Can use fan mode to provide better air circulation in room or office environment.

air conditioner air cooler fan

Water Cooling Technology

The water added to the water tank comes into contact with the air flow of the fan, providing a cooling effect to the environment. This method increases energy efficiency and creates a feeling of coolness with lower energy consumption.


Multiple Power Supply Options

This air cooler can be operated from the standard power socket, or it can be used in the vehicle thanks to the vehicle adapter.

  • Different Cooling Automization Technology

    The portable air conditioner adopts atomization technology to convert the hydration in the box into ultra-fine water molecules and blow out low-temperature and air-conditioned air.

  • Unique Product Charm

    You can use other products on the market, we use unique products and add ice cubes and essential oils. The magic power, which cools the wind, determines the action.

  • Product Information

    Power type: USB

    Rated Power: 25W

    Battery capacity: 1800 mA

    Operation mode: Touchscreen

    Package Include: Fan+data cable*1

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