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Christmas Decorations Colorful Cotton String Bow

Christmas Decorations Colorful Cotton String Bow

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Eye-Catching Design

Each cotton rope strip fills your home with a warm atmosphere with its vibrant colors and details. Ideal to color your Christmas tree and fascinate your guests. Colorful stripes meet elegance and liveliness, the most elegant way to prepare your home for the holiday season.

Special Souvenir Idea

It is not just a decoration piece, but also the best gift you can give to your loved ones. Each strip brings with it special meaning and colorful memories.

Colorful Elegance

Forget the ordinary, turn your home into a colorful dream! These strips woven with colorful cotton threads offer the perfect combination of elegance and uniqueness.

Create a colorful masterpiece in your home and enchant your loved ones with the Christmas Decorations Colorful Cotton String Bow! 🌈🎄


    Material: Cotton wire iron art

    Specifications: Large color/54g, Small color/23g

    Type: Crafts

    Size: About 30 cm long and 10 cm wide


    1-3 days for 80% orders

    4-8 days for 15% orders

    Over 8 days for 5% orders

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