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High-Pressure 360° Turbo Propeller Shower Head with Fan Extension and Holder

High-Pressure 360° Turbo Propeller Shower Head with Fan Extension and Holder

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1.Powerful Water Pressure: The high-pressure water stream provides a shower experience that will make you feel energized. Revitalize your body with every drop and start the day positively.

2.Water Saving: Despite the strong water flow, we did not forget about water saving. Protect both the environment and your pocket by providing less water consumption with a shorter shower time.
3.Quick Installation and Transport: With its simple assembly and ease of transportation, you can use this product quickly and carry it wherever you want.

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Innovative Shower Experience

A perfect combination of technology and design, the High-Pressure 360° Turbo Propeller Shower Head will make you forget about an ordinary shower experience. Thanks to its 360-degree rotating turbo propeller design, it provides an equal water distribution to every corner, providing a refreshing rain-like experience.

Intense Water Pressure and Savings

Energizing you with its high pressure flow, this shower head also saves water. Powerful water pressure reduces water consumption while helping you shorten shower time.

More Flexible Experience

Fully personalize your showering experience thanks to its movable head. Experience a shower that suits your body's needs by directing the water flow in the direction you want. Make every moment more relaxing and flexible.


    Type: Portable

    Category: Shower

    Function: Rain

    Material: ABS


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