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LED Projection Night Light USB Humidifier - 360° Rotary Atomization, Mini Office Air Purifier

LED Projection Night Light USB Humidifier - 360° Rotary Atomization, Mini Office Air Purifier

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🌱 Quiet and Healthy: With its sound level below 30 dB, no radiation and non-stimulating design, it is suitable for use by everyone, including the elderly and children. Thanks to its large volume spraying feature, it quickly meets your moisture needs with a spray volume of up to 40 ml/hour.

✔️ Portable and Flexible Use: Thanks to its USB input, it can work by plugging into any USB port, thus providing mobility and ease of use. It can be used in different places such as large rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, cars, baby rooms, dormitories.

🎁 A Perfect Gift Option: LED Projection Night Light USB Humidifier is a great way to present a healthy and aesthetic gift to your loved ones. It is a product that will be appreciated by everyone with its functional and stylish design.

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💧 360° Rotatable Spraying

The 360-degree rotating atomization feature provides effective humidification by distributing the humidifier steam evenly to every corner of the room. In this way, you get a comfortable environment in every part of your room.

LED Projector Night Light

This unique humidifier humidifies your room while also coloring it with its impressive LED projector. You can create the atmosphere you want in your room with different projections such as colored light patterns.

🌬️ Mini Air Purifier

This device can also be used as an air purifier. The integrated filter system ensures a clean and healthy indoor air quality by trapping harmful particles in the air. Thus, the air you breathe becomes fresher and cleaner.


    Material: ABS + PP + PE + Silicone

    Working current: 200mA-450mA

    Use time: 5 hours


    At your door in 3-7 days! 💨

    Water tank capacity: 200ml

    Spray mist amount: 40 ml/H

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