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Flame Humidifier USB 130ml Aromatherapy and Colorful Light Humidifier

Flame Humidifier USB 130ml Aromatherapy and Colorful Light Humidifier

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💧Effective Humidification: This device, which provides long-term humidification with its 130ml capacity, allows you to breathe comfortably in dry weather conditions and maintain the moisture balance of your skin.

🌿Aromatherapy Feature: Flame Humidifier uses aromatherapy essential oils to spread a pleasant scent in your room, calming your mind and creating a relaxing effect.

Colorful Lighting: Equipped with various color options, this humidifier makes your room colorful and atmospheric, and can also be used as a night light.

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💧 Sensitive Humidification

Thanks to its 130 ml water capacity and state-of-the-art humidification system, it keeps your environment at the ideal humidity level. It reduces the effects of dry air, protects your skin and respiratory tract, and helps you live a healthier life.

Aromatherapy Feature

Thanks to the aromatherapy feature, you can spread pleasant scents, reduce stress and help you relax mentally by using your favorite essential oils. While it refreshes your room, it also revitalizes your soul.

Aesthetic Design

Its design, which adds warmth and elegance to your home, is produced with high quality materials. With its elegant and contemporary appearance, it adapts to any environment and beautifies your living spaces.


    Applicable area: 21-30 m²

    Function: Aromatherapy

    Operation mode: Mechanical

    Power mode: USB

    Size: 5.5*5.5*3.4 inch


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