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New Portable SmartVoice Language Translator

New Portable SmartVoice Language Translator

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Revolutionize Language Translation with the SmartVoice Translator!

Break down global communication barriers instantly with our New Portable SmartVoice Language Translator! This device offers real-time translation in 138 different languages, making it perfect for business trips, vacations, and daily interactions. With its 5-megapixel camera, you can also perform photo translations swiftly.

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Instant Translation in 138 Languages

SmartVoice Language Translator provides instant and accurate translations in 138 languages for seamless communication during travel, business meetings, and everyday interactions.

Seamless Translation Even Offline

Our SmartVoice Language Translator empowers you with accurate translations in 138 languages, even when you're offline. Stay connected and break language barriers effortlessly.

Photo Translation with 60 Languages

At the pinnacle of innovation, this 5MP Camera boasts instant translation in 60 different languages.


    Operating system: Android

    Bluetooth: Not supported

    Wireless distance: 10M

    Operation mode: Key + Touch

    Material: ABS


    1-3 days for 80% orders

    4-8 days for 15% orders

    Over 8 days for 5% orders

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