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3-Piece School Bag Student Backpack (Pack of 3)

3-Piece School Bag Student Backpack (Pack of 3)

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Add Value to Your School Life

This set, which makes your school life easier, makes your journey to success more enjoyable and motivating. Be the most stylish student of your school!

Discover the 3-Piece School Bag Student Backpack (Pack of 3) set now and experience comfort, order and elegance together. Add value to your life with this set that will become your school's new favorite and most loyal friend. Order now to become the new star of the school!

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Color Your School Life 🌈

Make your bag an extension of your school life by choosing the color option you want. Carrying the energy of colors, this set will make your school days more enjoyable and fun.

Quality and Durable Material

Considering the busy lifestyles of students, the 3-Piece School Bag Student Backpack is made of high quality and durable materials. This set, which will withstand long-term use, accompanies you in the hustle and bustle of your daily life.

Practical and Stylish Design

Every student wants to carry both their books and personal belongings in their school bag in an organized and safe manner. This set, where you can easily fit both your large books and small items, offers comfort and organization together.


    Opening Method: zipper
    Function: Waterproof, Wear-resistant, Anti-theft, other
    Package height: 44CM
    Package width: 32CM
    Thickness: 15CM

    The Internal Structure of the Bag: pencil case, zipper pocket, mobile phone bag, document bag, interlayer zipper bag, stationery bag, computer pocket, book bag compartment
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