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WhiskMate AutoWhip - Self Spinning Whisk

WhiskMate AutoWhip - Self Spinning Whisk

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Fast Mixing

WhiskMate AutoWhip is a revolutionary helper in the kitchen! Meal preparation is now faster and easier. Thanks to this smart mixer, you can prepare your delicious recipes instantly.

Magical Touch in the Kitchen

Just press down and surprise yourself. WhiskMate AutoWhip helps you achieve fast and homogeneous mixtures without getting tired. Perfect cake batters, scrambled eggs and sauces.

No Cleaning Nightmare!

Rinse the mixer head quickly under water. By doing this, the cleaning process only takes a few seconds. Enjoy your time meal prep and clean up quickly afterward with the WhiskMate AutoWhip. Cleaning is no longer a problem!


    Shape: Straight

    Uses: Blender

    Material: Stainless steel


    1-3 days for 80% orders

    4-8 days for 15% orders

    Over 8 days for 5% orders