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Sun-Moon Smart Sensing Couple Vibration & Light Bracelet

Sun-Moon Smart Sensing Couple Vibration & Light Bracelet

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🛠️ Endless Quality: Reliable Technology and Fine Workmanship: Sun-Moon Smart Bracelets stand out with their strong technological infrastructure and carefully crafted details. Premium quality materials and delicate workmanship make this bracelet set special and durable.

💕 Close the Distances, Create Your Memories: Bring distant places together and create unforgettable memories with Sun-Moon Smart Bracelets. The touch you share with each of your partners becomes more meaningful with this special bracelet set.

🌟 Technological Wonder: Instant communication, Instant Intimacy: This product set for lovers allows you to communicate with just a touch. Thanks to its Vibration and Light features, you can instantly feel your lover's touches and feelings towards you and establish an instant connection.

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Instant Communication with Your Love 💑

Even if physically apart, stay instantly connected with your significant other through this special bracelet set. The Vibration & Light features allow you to directly feel their touches and emotions.

🌍 Feel Close in Long Distances

This unique bracelet set lets you establish a close connection with your love, no matter how far apart you are. Sun-Moon Smart Bracelets provide a romantic way to share your love without distance being a barrier.

Fusion of Elegance and Technology 💞

With its graceful and stylish design, Sun-Moon Smart Bracelets offer not only technological innovation but also an aesthetic experience. This bracelet set makes the moments you share with your loved one even more special.


    Charging mode: USB

    Product size

    Women: 9 + 2 inch

    Men: 10+2 inch (Adjustable)

    Product material: 316 stainless steel, Milan rope, leather rope,


    Smart bracelet *1 Pair

    Jewelry packing box *1

    Charger *1

    Instruction *1


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    4-8 days for 15% orders

    Over 8 days for 5% orders

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