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USB Flower-Shaped Mini Humidifier for Home, Bedroom, Office, and Desktop

USB Flower-Shaped Mini Humidifier for Home, Bedroom, Office, and Desktop

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💡 Aesthetic and Functional Design: Decorative LED Wall Lamp has a unique design combined with an elegant glass flower pot. It is a perfect solution for both lighting and decorative purposes.

🌈 Colorful Atmosphere Light: Colorful atmosphere light can be activated with a simple operation, adding a pleasant atmosphere to your room. It provides a relaxing ambience, especially when used as a night light.

🔒 Safe and Smart Use: 4-hour automatic shut-off feature ensures safe use and prevents possible accidents. It works with simple operation and can be used in different environments such as home, car, waiting room, bedroom, outdoor and desktop.

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🌸Portable and Compact Design

USB Flower-Shaped Mini Humidifier works with USB connection and is easy to carry with its compact structure. In this way, you can easily take and use it wherever you want. Despite its small size, it has a large water capacity, making it ideal for long-term use.

Nano Water Mist Humidification

Nano water mist humidification technology humidifies the air of your room by separating water into micro-sized particles and distributing it into the air. In this way, it makes your skin and respiratory tract feel more comfortable and refreshes your environment.

💧 Long-Term Humidification

Thanks to its large capacity, it provides long-term humidification with 0.3L of water. It relieves skin irritation caused by dry air and creates a more comfortable environment. So you can always enjoy a humid environment in your room or office.


    Reservoir fluid capacity: Around 0.3L

    Noise: Below 36 dB

    Power type: USB

    Material: Plastic


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